Pete Clark has been playing bass guitar for 40 years and has been a professional musician for 30 years. During that time he has played live with both original and cover bands and has worked in recording studios as a session musician. The insight he has gained during his career enables him to tutor students in all aspects of the instrument and can help them to become a solid part of a modern rhythm section.


He started playing six string guitar seriously in 2000. He studied jazz guitar for 3 years and began to teach the instrument and perform with it live to accompany singers.


He has taught both adults and children from absolute beginners to advanced players and can always find something to help them improve as musicians whether they play for fun or are keen to join a band and get more serious about their music.


His lessons are divided into sections with simple exercises designed to improve dexterity, scale knowledge, sound production and timing.

If you need a bass or guitar tutor, contact Pete via this website.